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Are you having difficulty sorting through a mountain of details in order to make a decision about your next step as you age? Do you or a loved one need help now? The list of resources to the left will help you explore your options. You can also call a JABA Options Counselor in your area directly for assistance.  Also, follow the Virginia Navigator link for more information.

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Live Well, Virginia!: A Program of Self-Care for Chronic Conditions

Are you an older adult living with high blood pressure, diabetes or arthritis? Did you know that over 90% of seniors have at least one chronic illness? Live Well, Virginia! is a program designed to empower adults to improve their health outcomes and quality of life. During interactive workshops, participants practice skills and coping strategies relating to chronic disease issues such as pain management, nutrition, medication use and communication with doctors. Participants report feeling better and more confident after completing the program.

Group information and news:

Registration is closed. JABA will help you bring a group to your community location. To learn more, contact the Program Coordinator 434-817-5290 or

How does the Live Well program work?

There are interactive workshops given over two and half hours, once a week, for six weeks in community settings such as senior centers, churches, libraries, clinics, and hospitals. A maximum of 15 participants attend each workshop. People with different health issues typically attend the same workshop together. Workshops are facilitated by two trained volunteer leaders, one or both of whom are peers of workshop participants, with at least one having a chronic disease.

The workshops focus on problems that are common to individuals dealing with any chronic condition - pain management, nutrition, exercise, medication use, emotional well-being, and effective communication with doctors. Participants practice skills and coping strategies that empower them through action planning, behavior modeling, problem-solving and developing social supports for change.

Participants report enjoying the program, feeling better and reduced health care costs:

"I've gotten better with my exercising and planning my life ahead of time."

"This has helped to keep me focused by writing things down and being accountable."

"This has given me confidence that maybe Im doing something right. Im grateful for what I am able to do. And this book is invaluable. It has given me confidence that I can make it."

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View this video to better understand the impact of chronic conditions:



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