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Census: Central Virginia populations aging quickly

Daily Progress, June 24, 2018 - Marta Keane, CEO of the Jefferson Area Board for Aging, said the numbers reinforce what the group already knows: the increase in Albemarle seniors is slowing slightly, and growth in surrounding counties is continuing.

“Some of those surrounding counties have challenges of income and more need for support services, but don’t have a growing tax base,” Keane said. “We know medical care is a huge issue. We know already some counties are struggling, particularly with social calls where someone is isolated or needs help with a chronic issue.”

Still, Keane said, there are solutions to particular senior issues, and the solutions often benefit the broader population.

“Expanding bus routes is helpful to the broader workforce,” she said. “Affordable housing is, as well. I think sometimes we get caught up in seeing something as a senior issue, but it’s usually good for the whole community.” Read More...


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