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Generation Us: Adult care centers offer safety, engagement and socialization

Daily Progress, December 29, 2017 -- When Lucy Garrison and her sisters suggested to their mother, Katherine Garrison, that she start going to JABA’s Adult Care Center, she — like so many older adults who need assistance — was at first reluctant to leave her home. But they already had been dealing with their mother’s physical problems from a stroke for more than a decade, had their own families and work lives to consider, and had begun to worry about her spending so much time alone in her condition.
“Mom had always been the caretaker and problem-solver in the family,” Lucy Garrison said, “and so it was understandable she didn’t want to go.”
Indeed, for many people like Katherine Garrison, the idea of going to an adult care center seems akin to entering an assisted living facility — something they may not want yet or be emotionally prepared to consider, even though the care they are now requiring at home may be a growing burden on their caregivers. It’s an unfortunate misconception, said Danielle Flippin, manager of JABA’s Adult Care Center in Charlottesville, because time spent at a center like JABA’s actually can help keep people like Katherine Garrison in their homes.
“People often think this is an assisted living facility, and that they are going to have to stay overnight,” Flippin said, “and we always have to reassure them that it’s not. In fact, many people can avoid having to move to an assisted living facility because of us.” Read More...




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