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JABA set to become second long-term tenant of Yancey Community Center

Charlottesville Tomorrow, October 14, 2018 — One of Waltine Eubanks’ other ideas was to bring JABA into the Yancey Community Center. When Yancey was still a school, Eubanks and other JABA members would come to the school once a month to paint, exercise and read with students there.

These days, Eubanks attends JABA’s senior center on Porters Road in Esmont. It is only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so on some Wednesdays, Eubanks drives to Scottsville to visit the JABA center there.
“Driving is becoming harder because of arthritis in my hands. When I have to come into Charlottesville, I do as much as I possibly can in that one trip,” she said.
If the Esmont JABA center moves into Yancey as planned, it will have more space — an office and shared use of the nurse’s office, cafeteria and other common areas — and the potential to be open five days a week. This would save Eubanks a car trip, because Yancey is within walking distance of her house.
JABA pairs well with the Education Transformation Centre, the education nonprofit that already has signed a long-term lease for six of Yancey’s classrooms. The two groups already have begun discussing lunch schedules and intergenerational activities. Read more
Note: JABA has told the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors we needed to hold off on the vote due to logistics and other topics needing to be discussed and finalized. But we are moving in!

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