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Why You Should Select an Assisted Living Community That Offers Specialized Memory Care

JABA’s Blue Ridge Neighborhood at Mountainside Senior Living recently completed the renovation of a beautiful new memory care floor. Already the largest non-profit affordable assisted living in the area, Mountainside can now offer affordable memory care services as well. 

Why is that exciting and important news? 


The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that 50 percent of residents in assisted living and nursing homes have some form of dementia or cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer’s. What’s more, that number is expected to rise sharply in the coming years as 78 million Baby Boomers reach the age of the highest risk for Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. 


For years, assisted living communities and memory care services were typically located in separate facilities. When a resident in a assisted living community began to need specialized memory care, their caregivers were faced with having to move their loved one, an often disruptive, traumatic, and expensive move. However, that has begun to change, and many operators of assisted living communities are recognizing the benefits of providing specialized memoir care on-site. 


Continuity: when an assisted living community has a memory care wing or floor, and staff are trained to take a resident’s memory care needs into consideration, the transition to specialized, individual care can be more seamless and less disruptive for residents and caregivers.


Focus on the individual: at assisted living commutes with memory care programs the focus on care becomes more individualized. Proven methods are used to stimulate the mind and activities are often designed to fit the exact needs of each resident, giving them the confidence to remain active and social. 


Safety and freedom:  memory care programs in assisted living communities provide secure and safe areas for residents without making them feel isolated or trapped. Residents can move freely from their rooms to comfortable common areas while being discretely monitored by staff using various technologies. Special rooms provide visual and auditory stimulation. 


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