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Are you having difficulty sorting through a mountain of details in order to make a decision about your next step as you age? Do you or a loved one need help now? The list of resources to the left will help you explore your options. You can also call a JABA Options Counselor in your area directly for assistance.  Also, follow the Virginia Navigator link for more information.

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Options Counseling


Are you having difficulty sorting through a mountain of details in order to make a decision about your next step as you age? Perhaps it is time to move into a more supportive environment, but you are overwhelmed with information. That’s where JABA’s options counselors can assist. They work with you through the possibilities, help you develop an action plan to meet your specific needs and offer support as you make your plan a reality. You have a right to decide your future. Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible.

Options Counseling is a process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy services which promote positive outcomes. At all times, the individual is an active part of the process.

Options Counselors conduct an in-depth conversation with the individual and/or their family to educate them about the specific resources available for care and services in their community. This process assists the individual in obtaining and maintaining optimum functioning in the least restrictive environment possible while respecting the individual’s right to self-determination. 

Adults 60 years of age and above or adults with disabilities qualify for this service. A request for a JABA Options Counselor may be made by the prospective client, their family, or any individual or agency acting on their behalf. The Options Counselor will take the following steps on behalf of the requestor:

  • Meet with the individual to determine their specific needs
  • Develop a mutually agreed upon action plan specifically tailored for the individual
  • Assist the individual to advocate for themselves as they implement their action plan
  • Evaluate the results and adjust the action plan to meet changing needs

For more information on choosing the right options for you, please contact our Information and Assistance Counselor who will refer you to an Options Counselor near you.

Information And Assistance:

Phone: 434-817-5222


JABA’s Options Counselors

  • Albemarle County - 434-817-5222, 434-817-5255
  • City of Charlottesville - 434-817-5222
  • Fluvanna County -  434-842-1033
  • Greene County - 434-985-2047
  • Louisa County -  434-817-5222
  • Nelson County -  434-260-8771, x501
  • Email inquiries - 

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