At JABA, our mission is to ensure that individuals and families live better. We believe that living as part of a community promotes healthy aging, so all JABA owned and run living options promote a sense of community. Whether you are seeking independent living or living with assistance, JABA continues to establish and preserve affordable living communities that increase options for living better.

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Living as an elder should be an enjoyable part of your life. Why not enjoy yourself as part of a community that learns, plays and works together? At JABA, we have designed our Community Centers and our Adult Care Centers to promote fun and fellowship.

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JABA is all about lending support to seniors in need of assistance. Whether that includes basic information, case management, insurance counseling, home delivered meals — or any of the many other available services — we want you to think of JABA as a source of support for you or your loved ones. Most of our support is offered as a gift to those who cannot pay. See individual programs for more details.

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JABA is able to do all that it does because of generous volunteers and donors. We value contributions of time as well as dollars and promise to put your talents and your donations to very good use.

In the past five years, government funding has diminished. Luckily, individual and corporate contributions have begun to rise. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and needed.

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What’s good for us as we age is good for our entire community — from planning for neighborhood growth, to promoting local foods and collaborating for the best use of resources. This is the philosophy behind JABA’s mission, “to promote, establish and preserve sustainable communities for healthy aging that benefit individuals and families of all ages.”

Viable Futures

2020 Plan: Aging in Community

The 2020 Plan: Aging in Community represents a major effort by citizens, providers and planners within the Thomas Jefferson Planning District to make our community a great place to age.

Designed as a clear vision for the future, the plan offers a guide for communities preparing for the doubling of the senior population forecast by the year 2020. In our Panning District, the number of people 65 and over is expected to increase by 109%, far outpacing the 41% increase in the total population by 2025.

The 2020 Plan represents a comprehensive integrated approach to aging issues. Valuable information includes both predictions about the challenges that will be faced and solutions to those problems with clear steps to implementation. The plan is a blueprint for JABA to lead our communities forward as they age.

For a copy of the entire 2020 Plan: Aging in Community, click here

For a copy of the SIR report, which contains the community data around which the 2020 Plan was built, click here.

  • History of the 2020 Plan »

    To begin the necessary planning process, over 85 organizations and 500 individuals collaborated to develop a comprehensive plan. “2020” was so named to evoke the concept of a clear vision for the future and the year 2020, when the first wave of “Baby Boomers” born in 1946 will be approaching 75.

    Based on input from a kickoff conference and public forums held in 2001, several main issue areas were identified. Work groups of community members addressed the issue areas of citizen participation, cultural and recreational opportunities, health, and infrastructure and land use and developed goals and strategies for each to guide decision-makers preparing to meet the needs and expectations of seniors in the coming decades. A 2020 Steering Committee was formed to provide oversight of the planning process and approve the final plan.

    The 2020 Plan won the prestigious “Livable Communities for All Ages Award” - a national competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Aging. The plan was recognized for its comprehensive, age-inclusive approach to prepare for the dramatic increase in our area’s senior citizen population by the year 2025.

  • 2020 Plan : Purpose, Scope & Recommendations »

    We will work together to make the Jefferson Area the best place in the country to age. We will accomplish this by developing responsive health and support service systems; coordinating land use and transportation planning; expanding educational, employment, cultural, and recreational resources; and promoting active, caring and inclusive communities. In our planning, we will incorporate and promote respect for individual autonomy, informed decision-making, and empowerment of older adults.

    We will strive to develop sustainable intergenerational communities so that older adults may contribute to the well-being of all generations and live with maximum health, independence, security and overall quality of life. We believe that as we build communities that are good for elders, people of all ages will benefit.

    The 2020 Plan calls on the planning district to:

    • Support the ability of older adults to age with dignity, grace, and maximum health and independence for a positive quality of life in their chosen residence
    • Develop an age-friendly, comprehensive continuum of affordable health services for older people regardless of income, cultural heritage, location, health status or level of function
    • Create and foster an active, caring and welcoming community that promotes respect, diversity, and inclusion of all ages and cultures
    • Create a use of land that seamlessly integrates public spaces, vibrant private enterprise, and people of all ages in safe, affordable, enjoyable communities
    • Increase the ability of people of all ages to meet the challenges and opportunities of later life
    • Encourage input from diverse groups in developing resources and assure that older adults are involved in decisions that affect them
    • Ensure that older adults have meaningful opportunities to share their knowledge and skills with all generations
    • Create and enhance opportunities for enjoyable participation in life
    1. 2020 Plan Goals »

      The 2020 Plan identifies the following goals for creating an age-friendly community:

      1. Promoting Coordinated and Accessible Healthcare
      2. Supporting Maximum Independence and Lifelong Health
      3. Offering Choices - Affordable Living Options for Seniors & Support to Family Caregivers
      4. Designing Communities to Enhance Quality of Life
      5. Fostering Vibrant Engagement in Life
      6. Strengthening Caring Communities through Active Citizenship
      7. Strengthening Intergenerational Connections
    2. Design for Life Cville »

      City of Charlottesville Introduces Design for Life Cville

      The City of Charlottesville wants local homebuilders to consider participation in a new voluntary program to build/renovate homes to accommodate all ages and stages of life. Participation by builders will reduce out of pocket permitting costs while improving City housing stock for generations to come by designing homes that are good for everyone. Design for Life Cville is the first voluntary certification program in Virginia to encourage visit-ability and live-ability in single family attached and detached homes. The Design for Life Cville guidelines for visit-ability and live-ability require builders to incorporate certain design features such as no step entrances, nominal clearance at interior doors and an accessible powder room on the visit-able level. Such design features will accommodate persons with disabilities as well as those with mobility limitations; however, ultimately, it is hoped that these features will help everyone by making it easier and safer to move around as well as facilitate aging in place. The program targets both new construction as well as previously constructed homes (which are eligible for a retroactive certification). The program is administered by the City as part of the regular permitting process, and does not require a separate/ special application process. Upon certification (done as part of the routine inspection process) the City will refund 25% of building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing permit fees for visit-ability or 50% for live-ability. For more information and program specifics, please contact Kathy McHugh at 434-970-3315 or via e-mail at mchughs@charlottesville.org.

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    JABA Acted as a Community Leader in Drafting The 2020 Plan
    JABA Acted as a Community Leader in Drafting The 2020 Plan
    Click on the image for a Checklist on   Age-Friendly Communities
    Click on the image for a Checklist on   Age-Friendly Communities