At JABA, our mission is to ensure that individuals and families live better. We believe that living as part of a community promotes healthy aging, so all JABA owned and run living options promote a sense of community. Whether you are seeking independent living or living with assistance, JABA continues to establish and preserve affordable living communities that increase options for living better.

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Living as an elder should be an enjoyable part of your life. Why not enjoy yourself as part of a community that learns, plays and works together? At JABA, we have designed our Community Centers and our Adult Care Centers to promote fun and fellowship.

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JABA is all about lending support to seniors in need of assistance. Whether that includes basic information, case management, insurance counseling, home delivered meals — or any of the many other available services — we want you to think of JABA as a source of support for you or your loved ones. Most of our support is offered as a gift to those who cannot pay. See individual programs for more details.

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JABA is able to do all that it does because of generous volunteers and donors. We value contributions of time as well as dollars and promise to put your talents and your donations to very good use.

In the past five years, government funding has diminished. Luckily, individual and corporate contributions have begun to rise. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and needed.

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What’s good for us as we age is good for our entire community — from planning for neighborhood growth, to promoting local foods and collaborating for the best use of resources. This is the philosophy behind JABA’s mission, “to promote, establish and preserve sustainable communities for healthy aging that benefit individuals and families of all ages.”

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Home Delivered Meals

The JABA Home Delivered Meals (HDM) Program is provided for older adults who are unable to prepare their own well-balanced meals either on a temporary or long-term basis.

Meals are prepared to follow dietary guidelines of reduced sodium, fat and sugar and increased fiber. Meals typically include the following nutritional components:

2-3 ounces of protein

1-2 servings of vegetable and/or fruit

1 slice of bread

1 cup of milk

½ cup of dessert


  • Contact Home Delivered Meals Staff »

    JABA Options Counselors are the primary link to the initiation of the Home Delivered Meal Program. JABA Community Center managers can also help initiate the process.

  • Eligibility »

    Individuals who live in the City of Charlottesville, or Albemarle, Greene, Louisa, Nelson or Fluvanna county, are 60 years of age or older, incapacitated due to accident, illness or frailty, and cannot afford or have no one to prepare their meals may be eligible to participate in the Home Delivered Meals program. Program staff make every effort to serve eligible adults. However, in some geographic areas, there may be a waiting list.

  • Meal Fee »

    Because of limited federal and state funding, the HDM program depends on individual contributions. While there is no charge for meals, participants are encouraged to contribute toward their meals on a voluntary, confidential basis. JABA suggests a per meal contribution, based on the client’s income. However, no one is denied a meal due to the inability to contribute. JABA case managers can help determine a suggested contribution.

Walmart Supports our Home Delivered Meals Program
Walmart Supports our Home Delivered Meals Program
A JABA Volunteer Delivers Meals
A JABA Volunteer Delivers Meals