At JABA, our mission is to ensure that individuals and families live better. We believe that living as part of a community promotes healthy aging, so all JABA owned and run living options promote a sense of community. Whether you are seeking independent living or living with assistance, JABA continues to establish and preserve affordable living communities that increase options for living better.

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Living as an elder should be an enjoyable part of your life. Why not enjoy yourself as part of a community that learns, plays and works together? At JABA, we have designed our Community Centers and our Adult Care Centers to promote fun and fellowship.

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JABA is all about lending support to seniors in need of assistance. Whether that includes basic information, case management, insurance counseling, home delivered meals — or any of the many other available services — we want you to think of JABA as a source of support for you or your loved ones. Most of our support is offered as a gift to those who cannot pay. See individual programs for more details.

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JABA is able to do all that it does because of generous volunteers and donors. We value contributions of time as well as dollars and promise to put your talents and your donations to very good use.

In the past five years, government funding has diminished. Luckily, individual and corporate contributions have begun to rise. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and needed.

Volunteer Opportunities


What’s good for us as we age is good for our entire community — from planning for neighborhood growth, to promoting local foods and collaborating for the best use of resources. This is the philosophy behind JABA’s mission, “to promote, establish and preserve sustainable communities for healthy aging that benefit individuals and families of all ages.”

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  • Aging in Place

    For the past 30 years, JABA has added dignity, security, independence, and fulfillment to the lives of older adults and their families. Experts agree that home is best and our mission is to help elders live independently for as long as possible. We know this is an important key to helping people live better. Longer.

  • My Home For Life

    Have you ever considered leaving your residence because problems with maintenance, transportation, or other essential services leave you relying on others for your well being? My Home For Life provides services that help people live in their home as long as possible.

  • Independent Living

    JABA is committed to providing quality, affordability, and convenience in its independent living retirement communities. By living in a JABA community, you will have excellent accommodations and amenities, as well as access to JABA's many helpful services.

  • Nursing Homes

    Nursing homes are health care facilities where nursing services are provided on a continuous basis. Although JABA does not own and manage any nursing homes, we encourage you to use the directory found in the Easy Access site, which provides information about nursing homes throughout Virginia.

  • Affordable Assisted Living

    Mountainside Senior Living is an award-winning, yet affordable, assisted living community. At Mountainside, residents benefit from attentive personalized care for daily living needs. The strong bonds between residents and caregivers create the heart of the Mountainside community.

  • Independent Living Products

    Growing older presents a range of physical challenges. JABA wants to help you find the right solutions. Whether you need increased safety in your bathroom, or assistance going up and down stairs, JABA and its sister company — My Home For Life —have identified available products that help you overcome your challenges. Go here to browse four categories of helpful tools and products.


  • Twice is Nice Upscale Resale Boutique

    Twice Is Nice is a JABA-owned thrift boutique that helps support Mountainside Senior Living in Crozet. Located in Charlottesville’s Preston Plaza (923 Preston Avenue) near Integral Yoga, it is a happy surprise for the value conscious shopper. Open and breezy, it’s easy put your hands on great finds including men’s and women’s apparel, treasures for the home, jewelry, accessories and more. Monday through Saturday 10:00 am - 5:30 pm. Telephone: 434-293-8319

  • Community Centers

    JABA offers a choice of eight locations throughout Region Ten in Central Virginia for independent adults over 60 who want to join other adults for fellowship and fun. Whether it’s for health related discussion, crafts, gardening, exercise programs, or field trips, our Community Centers offer a safe gathering place for daily interaction. We also serve a hot, freshly prepared lunch, which incorporates local foods when available.

  • Mary Williams Community Center

    Welcome to the Mary Williams Community Center web page. See this months calendar and newsletter on the right side of the page.

  • Shining Star Pre-School

    Shining Star Pre-School is the early childhood option that brings generations together. With locations in Charlottesville and Louisa, children 2 1/2 to 5 years old have the added benefit of elder buddies with whom they eat, play and learn. The unconditional love that flows between these generations is a delight to behold.


  • Home Care

    Care Advantage Plus (CAP), which is co-owned by JABA and Care Advantage Inc., provides home care for those in need. CAP is licensed, bonded and insured. It is certified to accept Medicaid, private pay and private insurance. And, it is the only local home care agency to meet the strict regulations of the Better Business Bureau.

  • Information & Assistance

    A big part of what we do at JABA is to help elders and their caregivers find the information needed to make sound decisions about aging and the resources to help them live better. Longer.

  • Caregiver Support Group

    JABA understands the challenges of care giving. Even when caring for a loved one is an act of love, it still takes many new skills and a great deal of energy. It also raises a lot of questions.

  • Home Delivered Meals

    The JABA Home Delivered Meals (HDM) Program is provided for older adults who are unable to prepare their own well-balanced meals either on a temporary or long-term basis. Meals are prepared to follow dietary guidelines of reduced sodium, fat and sugar and increased fiber.

  • Insurance Counseling

    JABA provides free health insurance information, one-on-one counseling, and claims filing assistance to Medicare beneficiaries and their families. This service is part of the statewide Virginia Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program (VICAP).

  • JABA Ombudsman Program: Long Term Care Advocacy

    The mission of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman program is to advocate for people receiving long-term care services in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and for people who receive home health care. These services extend to facilities in the City of Charlottesville, and Albemarle, Greene, Nelson, Fluvanna and Louisa counties.

  • Adult Care Centers

    JABA offers a fun, caring and safe environment for any adult with physical disability or memory impairment who needs assistance with daily health or personal care activities. Participants ─ at both our Hillsdale and Louisa locations ─ choose from a variety of social and recreational programs.

  • Health Services

    JABA Health Services are provided regularly for seniors. Clinics are scheduled at JABA Community Centers and JABA Adult Activity & Health Centers, as well as other locations in the community. Homebound clients may also request a visit at home.

  • PACE

    If someone close to you has recently been advised that it is time for a nursing home, consider an alternative: PACE (Blue Ridge Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly). PACE provides the frail elderly the opportunity to remain at home by offering transportation to the PACE center where the elder receives comprehensive nursing home level care including onsite therapies, adult day care, healthy meals and more.

  • Options Counseling

    JABA’s Case Management staff link individuals or their caregivers with vital services, which serve the best interest and well-being of each individual. Our case managers work throughout the City of Charlottesville and the five-county surrounding area to ensure that seniors have access to the care that they need.


  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Studies show that volunteering helps us live longer, while it adds to the meaning and quality of our lives. Do you have a special talent or skill you would like to contribute? Do you like working with older adults, youth, or contributing to meet our communities’ needs?


  • Life Long Learning

    JABA believes that adults who continue to learn as they grow older are among the most content in later life. Resources for continued learning range from the simple act of reading to participating in seminars, retreats and classes...

  • About JABA

    JABA’s mission is to promote, establish and preserve sustainable communities for healthy aging that benefit individuals and families of all ages. JABA accomplishes this by working with community partners for the good of the entire community. To best understand JABA, it is necessary to understand its history, its business model and its wide scope of services and initiatives.

  • 2020 Plan: Aging in Community

    Designed as a clear vision for the future, the plan offers a guide for communities preparing for the doubling of the senior population forecast by the year 2020. The 2020 Plan represents a comprehensive integrated approach to aging issues, including both predictions about the challenges that will be faced and solutions to those problems with clear steps to implementation. The plan is a blueprint for JABA to lead our communities forward as they age.

  • Job Opportunities

    Although one of JABA’s values is to promote from within, that is not always an option. We are always interested in hearing from bright, caring individuals who believe they have something to offer when a position becomes available.

  • Sustainability

    JABA believes in sustaining natural resources for future generations. We also believe in sharing skills and experiences between generations. Our staff eco-Generation team works to “green” the operations of JABA, from our newsletter paper to our cleaning products. As a lens through which we view all of our work, environmental sustainability plays a key role in how and where we build senior housing, what our new building expansion will look like, and why we are pursuing local, healthier food for our senior meal programs. We know that what supports our elders also fosters a healthier community.

  • Staff Directory

    A complete directory of JABA staff members to help you get in touch with us.

  • Jefferson School City Center

    The mission of the Jefferson School Community Partnership is to create the Jefferson School Lifelong Learning Center.  The Jefferson School is in the heart of downtown Charlottesville, VA and will be renovated to house the Jefferson School Lifelong Learning Center.

  • Viable Futures Toolkit

    You’ve heard a lot of talk about the coming “crisis” related to the unparalleled aging of the U.S. population. Instead of being viewed as a problem, the aging of the population is actually opening up opportunities for people to think and act differently—forthe greater good—with regard to our human and natural resources...

  • Press Room

    Learn about JABA as an organization, community partner, and keep up with the latest JABA press.

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    RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a convenient way to keep up with the JABA Press Room, press releases. Once you subscribe to this feed, information will be delivered to your computer's desktop automatically.