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The Jefferson Area Board for Aging (JABA) is
committed to promoting, establishing and
preserving sustainable communities for
healthy aging that benefit individuals and
families of all ages.Overview JABA Services »


At JABA, our mission is to ensure that individuals and families live better. We believe that living as part of a community promotes healthy aging, so all JABA owned and run living options promote a sense of community. Whether you are seeking independent living or living with assistance, JABA continues to establish and preserve affordable living communities that increase options for living better.

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Living as an elder should be an enjoyable part of your life. Why not enjoy yourself as part of a community that learns, plays and works together? At JABA, we have designed our Community Centers and our Adult Care Centers to promote fun and fellowship.

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JABA is all about lending support to seniors in need of assistance. Whether that includes basic information, case management, insurance counseling, home delivered meals — or any of the many other available services — we want you to think of JABA as a source of support for you or your loved ones. Most of our support is offered as a gift to those who cannot pay. See individual programs for more details.

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JABA is able to do all that it does because of generous volunteers and donors. We value contributions of time as well as dollars and promise to put your talents and your donations to very good use.

In the past five years, government funding has diminished. Luckily, individual and corporate contributions have begun to rise. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and needed.

Volunteer Opportunities


What’s good for us as we age is good for our entire community — from planning for neighborhood growth, to promoting local foods and collaborating for the best use of resources. This is the philosophy behind JABA’s mission, “to promote, establish and preserve sustainable communities for healthy aging that benefit individuals and families of all ages.”

Viable Futures

Growing older is like visiting a new, sometimes frightening foreign country. Let JABA be your guide to what to avoid; what not to miss, and how to stay happy, healthy and involved on the journey called aging. Come on in. Explore our services. Volunteer!

How JABA Affects Lives

Once a month, Roland Clark takes to the back roads of Nelson County delivering frozen meals to the homebound. His visits bring more than food. "Some live alone and in remote locations. You try to cheer them up a bit, and ask what their general support and family is like." The deliveries are a lifeline for the people he visits but only part of Roland's volunteer activities. Roland gives his time with the Literacy Volunteers of Nelson County and on JABA's Volunteer Council.

How JABA Affects Lives

Virginia Roy knows a lot about aging services in Central Virginia. The author of the region's first guide for older adults, Virginia represented Charlottesville on JABA's Advisory Council, serving as chair for many years. "Based on tales from friends in other parts of America, I know that the caliber and variety of services offered by JABA are not necessarily available in some larger cities. Since JABA receives little in public (tax) funds, I am saying thank you and helping out with my modest monetary contribution."

How JABA Affects Lives

As her mother's memory began to fail, Betty Edmondson became responsible for all the decisions, then, "Her death left a hole in my heart ... Through JABA's Ombudsman Program I became a volunteer at The Laurels. The experience has given me an opportunity to give love and companionship to others, and help to see that their lives are as pleasant as possible. Perhaps there is also an element of ‘paying ahead', as I would hope for such an advocate should I ever need one."

How JABA Affects Lives

JABA's Community Centers are full of surprises, but what Gloria and Pete Madden found was special. "My neighbors kept saying, ‘You ought to go the Center.' So, I finally did," says Pete. A few weeks after that Gloria joined. They were married 13 months later. Perhaps it was their shared volunteer spirit. Pete is a FISH tutor and president of JABA's Greene Center. Gloria leads the Center's prayer group and volunteers with her church's women's group. Add large and welcoming families on both sides and, as Gloria says, "It was like it was meant to be."

How JABA Affects Lives

At the city housing community where Daniel Meeks lives, JABA plays a large role in residents' lives. There's the VICAP volunteer who "makes sure residents get the insurance plan that fits them ... A wonderful nurse, always willing to help, even coming to my apartment ... The young people from the UVa School of Nursing - eager to learn and to help ... JABA has helped me so much. If only to listen to my worries and do what they can to make it better - a truly great organization."

How JABA Affects Lives

Olivia and Clark Gathright grew up surrounded by loving grandparents and great-grandparents. Their family and school have traditions of helping others. The decision to launch The Pillow Project, however, was all theirs. When the siblings heard of the need for new pillows at Mountainside Senior Living, Clark says, "We were inspired because it was something we could do." Olivia designed the logo and within a few months they were near their goal. "We are so privileged," says Olivia. "This was our opportunity to share."

My Home For Life

Growing older presents a range of physical challenges. JABA wants to help you find the right solutions. Whether you need increased safety in your bathroom, or assistance going up and down stairs, JABA and its sister company — My Home For Life —have identified available products that help you overcome your challenges.


JABA Offers Help With Medicare Part D Enrollment

Medicare Part D is a federal program to subsidize the costs of prescription drugs. Begins October 15, 2014. Click here for more information




JABA Contracts with Mom’s Meals

Recipients of JABA's home delivered meals have something to look forward to. Click here for more information.


Quilts for Caring Auction & Gala

Plan on joining us for the Quilts for Caring Auction & Gala to benefit the residents of Mountainside Senior Living on November 1, 2014. Tickets are $40.00 per person. Please RSVP by October 10th at 434.823.4307. Make checks payable to Mountainside Senior Living and mail to 1220 Crozet Ave, Crozet, VA  22932, (Click here for your invitation and more information).


Be a Voice For Those in Long Term Care

Volunteer as a Long-Term Care Ombudsman, (Click here for more details.)


Computers for Seniors Class

New PVCC Non-credit class

Learn how to use the computer from a senior herself, Professor Nancy Burkhardt; email, manage your documents, save photos and send to your family. Learn how to keep your personal info and computer secure. Geared to persons with little or no computer experience. To learn more, Click here for more information.



Wills for Seniors Program Honored

“Wills for Seniors” program brings together a team of legal professionals who volunteer to meet privately with seniors to prepare important legal documents, such as wills, power of attorney, and advance medical directives. (Click here for more information)


Read the Most Recent Issue of Silver Linings

In case you missed the JABA "Silver Linings" content in the Daily Progress insert ....You can view it here!


Charlottesville Senior Center

The Senior Center creates opportunities for healthy aging through social engagement, physical well-being, civic involvement, creativity, and lifelong learning. Read more ...



Here is a list of most used web sites for information on living as, or caring for, an older American.


American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

Caregiver's Library

Caring Connections

Food Stamps (SNAP) Eligibility Tool 


Great information on long-term care/policy/ombudsmen

Information on Universal Design (Builder Fish)

National Aging in Place Council (NAIPC)

National Council on Aging (NCOA)

Official U.S. government site on Medicare

Virginia Alzheimer's Commission ALZPossible Initiative



Big Kitchen Guide to Local Food

Institutional chefs now have the help they need to incorporate locally grown food into their programs with a new DVD and guidebook from JABA.

The DVD--Meal Programs: Feeding a Crowd with Local Foods--gives a step-by-step, hands-on explanation of how to incorporate local foods into institutional menus. Will school lunches ever be the same!

To order a copy of either or both the DVD and guidebook, contact Judy Berger at 434-817-5234.


Rent JABA’s Great Room for Your Next Event

Consider JABA when searching for a location for your next event. Our facility includes a very large, bright room, expansive gardens with a gazebo, a staging kitchen, and ample parking. Large enough for the ceremony and the reception! For more details, contact Jean Bourbeau at 434-817-8235.

JABA Sponsored Resource Guide Online

This is the second edition of the 2011 Senior Advocate Resource Guide, where you will find age related resources in the community nearest you.
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